Pixel Club: Hierarchical Invariant Sparse Modeling for Image Analysis

Leah Bar (Mathematics, Tel Aviv University)
Tuesday, 21.2.2012, 11:30
EE Meyer Building 1061

Sparse representation theory has been increasingly used in signal processing and machine learning. In this work we introduce a hierarchical sparse modeling approach which integrates information from the image patch level to derive a mid-level invariant image and pattern representation. The proposed framework is based on a hierarchical architecture of dictionary learning for sparse coding in a cortical (log-polar) space, combined with a novel pooling operator which incorporates the Rapid transform and max pooling to attain rotation and scale invariance. The invariant sparse representation of patterns here presented- can be used in different object recognition tasks. Promising results are obtained for three applications -- 2D shapes classification, texture recognition and object detection.

joint work with Guillermo Sapiro, University of Minnesota.

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