Haifux Club: Modern Web Development in Perl

Gabor Szabo
Monday, 23.4.2012, 18:30
Taub 3

Back in the early years of the dynamic web, Perl was the de-facto
choice of language.

It was so ubique that people associated it with CGI. For that, even today, Perl
suffers from a bad image. Even though, under the visible surface,
there are strong powers leading to a much better future.

In the last couple of years a new bread of frameworks appeared in the
Perl world.

They are all based on the PSGI standard that rhymes to WSGI and Rack.

In this presentation we will see a couple of examples writing
PSGI  (http://plackperl.org/) and
Dancer (http://perldancer.org/) based applications.

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