Pixel Club: On the Internal vs. External Statistics of Image Patches, and its Implications on Image Denoising

Maria Zontak (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Sciece)
Tuesday, 14.1.2014, 11:30
EE Meyer Building 1061

Surprisingly, ”Internal-Denosing” (using internal noisy patches) usually out- performs ”External-Denoising” (using external clean patches), especially in high noise- levels. We analyze and explain this phenomenon. We further show how the ”fractal” property of natural images (cross-scale patch recurrence) promotes a new powerful internal search-space. Since noise drops dramatically at coarser scales of the noisy image, for almost any noisy patch, its unknown clean version naturally emerges in a coarser scale, at the same relative image coordinates. Joint work with Inbar Mosseri and Michal Irani.

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