CSpecial Talk: A Family of Locally Recoverable Codes

Itzhak (Zachi) Tamo (Electrical Computer Engineering and Institute for Systems Research, versity of Maryland)
Thursday, 16.1.2014, 14:30
Taub 401

In today's information era, data centers are facing challenging tasks of managing, analyzing, and storing enormous amounts of data. One such task is recovery, namely, the problem of storing information with added redundancy in order to provide resiliency to erasures. The key requirement of the problem is the locality property, which assumes that it is possible to recover each element of the information by accessing a small of amount of other information blocks. Clearly, the property of local recovery translates to a faster recovery of lost data.

The more formal definition is as follows: A code over a finite alphabet is called locally recoverable (LRC) if every symbol in the encoding is a function of a small number other symbols.

In the talk I will present a family of LRC codes that attain the maximum possible value of the distance for a given locality parameter and code cardinality.

If time permits I will talk about connections to Locally Decodable Codes

This is a joint work with Prof. Alexander Barg.

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