Pixel Club: Nanosecond Coded Time of Flight Cameras: Signal Processing Strategies and Computational Photography Applications

Achuta Kadambi and Ayush Bhandari (MIT Media Laboratory)
Sunday, 9.3.2014, 11:30
Room 337-8 Taub Bld.

Time of Flight cameras are an increasingly popular consumer imaging modality that obtain range maps at high framerates. For commercial cameras, such as the new Microsoft Kinect, the basic operating principle is to emit a square wave or pulse signal, and measure the time it takes to reflect off scene objects and return to the camera. In nanosecond codedcameras, we embed a carefully chosen code into the emitted signal, so that when it comes back, we can decode more information. We will discuss potential applications, including: (i) ultrafast imaging (ii) imaging through diffusers (iii) scene relighting and (iv) looking around corners.

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