TrustPack: a Decentralized Trust Management Framework

עמית פורטנוי, הרצאה סמינריונית למגיסטר
יום שלישי, 19.6.2012, 15:00
טאוב 701
Prof. R. Friedman

With the rise of the internet and its applications, it has became more and more common for unfamiliar parties to interact with each other. In order to help and encourage such interactions trust management systems were introduced. Those systems try to alleviate mistrust by gathering and processing statistical information about previous events. This thesis describes TrustPack, a trust management framework that provides trust management as a service, i.e., TrustPack is separated from any specific application usage. TrustPack is unique in that it does not provide a central service. Instead, it is run by many autonomous services. This design enables it to alleviate privacy concerns, as well as potentially provide better personalization and scalability when compared with current centralized solutions.

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